Nazca is like

We arrived in Nazca a bit later than originally planned but our ever helpful hotel owner was there to pick us up as promised! It was a quiet journey during which he and his wife just chatted amoungst themselves while me and Em felt like naughty kids who were late for their parents to pick them up… Not that I was ever late, usually just got bored of waiting so got in trouble for walking away from the agreed meeting point. Anyway…

I don’t think he held a grudge and was very helpful when it came to arranging our flight the next day.

We popped out for some water and on our walk back we heard a beep. It was matey (I really should be better at remembering names) and his wife offering us a lift back to the hotel. We only stayed one night and the service was second to none.

Bright and early the next morning we jumped on board the minibus to the airport, signed in, got weighed (fatties at the front) and waited for our flight.

The flight was so much fun!! I’m a huge fan of small planes and this one was no exception. As we flew the pilot pointed out the different lines and banked where necessary to help us get a view. There were warnings online of motion sickness but we were both lucky and able to fully enjoy it.

Complete with road running through the middle
Successful flight!

After a little lunch we got back to the hotel and our main man suggested another excursion to fill the afternoon. We went for a visit to Cahuachi, some pyramids built by Nazca people around 1AD

It wasn’t super impressive but pretty cool and in a really lovely setting out in the desert. Also they’re still excavating the site so currently finding new bits, apparently there is loads more but it’s all underground at the moment.

We got back, watched Peru under seventeens against Ecuador (Peru won 2:0), and jumped in a cab for the overnight bus to Arequipa.

We spent less than 24 hours in Nazca but each hour was suitably fun filled! The town wasn’t a super pretty place but was still well worth a stop, and the flight was brilliant!

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