Lima has a bit of a bad rep but is actually well alright. We don’t have any photos for some reason, which is a bit dumb, but we quite liked it there. I say Lima, but we spent all our time in Miraflores, a super developed, western, district of Lima. Private security officers roam the streets, development is taking place around every corner and there are all the coffee shops and restaurants you’d expect from a heavily gentrified area.

We stayed in this quirky little place run by a slightly odd, slightly ancient, couple.

Em loved the plants and we both loved the quad sandwich they did for breakfast. Four slices of bread and three tasty layers of filling!

Also I bought these fly new kicks!

After a few days we got a bus to Paracas. Busses in Peru are a bit more like we might expect at home (if we ever used busses). Tickets can be booked online, they tend to leave when they say they will, rather than just when there are enough people on board, and they don’t stop to pick up randoms and food sellers on the way. You do sometimes get a snack included in the price though!

Paracas is a little seaside town (potentially our last for some time ☹️)

It’s a bit grubby, a little like Puerto López in Ecuador, but still had plenty of charm.

The main attractions of Paracas are a nearby island with sea lions, penguins and things, and a red beach. And this guy…

Making his way into a pizza restaurant… And the German man who tried to get the attention of the restaurant owners to tell them “animaal!”, guess we’re not the only ones who struggle with the Spanish language.

When we first arrived Emma practically begged me to go to this viewpoint we could see in the distance. I pleaded and said it’s too far and getting late, but she convinced me to go.

About 3-4 minutes later we reached the top

It was a nice place to spend sunset.

Guys, we’re trying to take a selfie with the red and white thing

On our first night we had a decent seafood rice dish and loaded up on Pisco Sours. Paracas is in the Pisco province so it made perfect sense.

Bright and early the next morning we paid all the necessary tourist fees and boarded a boat for another “poor man’s Galapagos”. It was a nice boat ride

First stop was a mysterious lines in the sand thing, looks a bit like a candelabra init.

Then we made our way to where all the sea lions hang out

All the little back dots are sea lions… Promise

We learnt that sea lions are very loud! And then caught a glimpse of some penguins, Em was chuffed.

It was a lovely trip but we need to stop calling day trips to islands with a few animals “the poor man’s Galapagos”.

When we got back Em picked a fight with some guy

and then we set off on our second tour of the day, the Paracas National Reserve.

First stop was a little, Spanish heavy, museum…

We learnt very little. But on the way out we noticed another tour group went down to a lake to see flamingos. We were sad we went to the stupid museum instead.

On our way back we had a brief encounter with the lovely German couple we met in Mancora. They’re moving on a bit quicker than us but are still squeezing in the same tour.

Next stop was this beautiful beach.

Some people were swimming so…

That dark patch is a shadow… Not, my pubes

But it was so so so so cold!!!

Still not pubes… Promise

Em went in too…

Back in the bus and time for a few more stops

All in all, a good day trip! Shame about the flamingos…

Later, we thought if the Italian restaurant was good enough for the tortoise, it’s good enough for us. We had a chocolate pizza for dessert!

Also, fun fact: Peru have a drink called Inca Cola. I believe the recipe was passed down from the Inca’s 500 years ago. It’s kinda an Iron Bru type thing made by Coca-Cola. I enjoy it!

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  1. jackie taylor says: Reply

    Another great travel blog. But out of all the Great pictures it has to be said loving the shirt

    1. Me too! It’s been a bit cold to wear it lately 🙁

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