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I’m not even going to try and make this blog entertaining (not for a second suggesting the others are)…

We got a couple of buses from Guayaquil to Salinas to start our Ecuadorian coastal adventure. We weren’t originally planning to go to the coast but our trip so far had been disappointingly beach free so we kinda had to really. One of the great things about Ecuador is that it’s relatively small and wasn’t hard to change out plans slightly, so armed with a blog listing the 20 best beaches in Ecuador (spoiler alert: we go to five) we made our way to some beaches!!!


Salinas is one of the closest beaches to Guayaquil so can get fairly busy, but was never too busy. The sand is golden and there is plenty going on, jet skis, banana boat, sea bouncy castle etc.

We arrived late afternoon so just had a little walk along the seafront, Em carried the stuff…

while I planned all the fun activities (jet skis, banana boat, sea bouncy castle etc) we would cram into the next few days and Em rolled her eyes.

We had some drinks in the hostel

Apparently they can’t serve booze on Sunday and there is a loophole if they pop it in a mug… Dunno. We’ve not come across this before but we aren’t going to argue, just drink beer from a mug.

Later in the evening we were on our way to find some food and disaster struck!! I was banging on about something or other and, while distracted, Em stumped her toe on the concrete. She thought she was fine but the pool of blood on the floor begged to differ. Somehow she had ripped a nice chunk of skin from her big toe and pretty much wrote off going in the sea for a few days ?????

Unnecessary photo?

With Em out of action we had to put all my plans on hold, so we kinda just spent a few days sitting on the beach while Em watched me swim… She may have drawn and stuff but I assume she just sat there watching me.

And that was Salinas, pretty much. A moderately developed coastal town with some big apartment blocks and plenty of Ecuadorian folk having a good time. A lovely place for us to spend the first few nights of our coastal adventure!


Next stop was Ayangue. A much quieter fishing town with a beautiful beach set in a cove. We spent most of our time on the beach (I swam, Emma watched) and eating seafood.

We stayed with a nice old Ecuadorian couple who made us feel very welcome, which is often the case. We’ve tended to avoid traveler hostels in favor of little guest houses and bed & breakfasts, more suitable for the traveller who enjoys hammocks, the quiet life and saving money.

I shaved Emma’s head

I actually have no formal barber training!

And we watched some sunsets

One problem with the budget bread & breakfast accommodation is that not everything works exactly as maybe it should. There was a battered, but better than nothing, air-con unit here that when a family moved in next door became a glorified switch to shut off all the electricity for the entire building. The dwelling that the owners stayed in still had electricity so we were very grateful when they knocked on our door to give us a fan they’d daisy chained with about 5 extension cords to a working socket! Anyway, one electrician up a pole later, our cold air returned at about 2am. It was actually a really impressive turnaround time.

With no mention of the outage the next morning, we have breakfast and say our goodbyes. Next stop Montiñita…

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  1. So there’s your new job a barber!

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