We Went to Machu Picchu Init

Sometimes you just need to see more Inca ruins, right?? So that’s exactly what we did… The Sacred Valley Our base from which to visit Machu Picchu was going to be Ollantaytambo (Oi-yan-tay-tambo), and it just so happens that Ollantaytambo is part of the “Sacred valley” so has some Inca Ruins of it’s very own. […]

8 Mile

We decided that as the Arequipa bus was such a success and we managed to get a decent amount of sleep, we would try out the cheap seats for the 10 hour overnigher to Cusco. We made a poor choice. The journey was long and uncomfortable, there appeared to be two temperature settings freezing Antarctic […]

Nazca is like

We arrived in Nazca a bit later than originally planned but our ever helpful hotel owner was there to pick us up as promised! It was a quiet journey during which he and his wife just chatted amoungst themselves while me and Em felt like naughty kids who were late for their parents to pick […]

Slide Away

We take a short and comfortable bus ride from Paracas to Ica, the city sign is not as impressive as some of the others we have seen… From Ica we take a cab on to Huacachina (pronounced wack-a-cheena). The cab driver spoke really good English and was keen to show us his currency from around […]


Lima has a bit of a bad rep but is actually well alright. We don’t have any photos for some reason, which is a bit dumb, but we quite liked it there. I say Lima, but we spent all our time in Miraflores, a super developed, western, district of Lima. Private security officers roam the […]