8 Mile

We decided that as the Arequipa bus was such a success and we managed to get a decent amount of sleep, we would try out the cheap seats for the 10 hour overnigher to Cusco. We made a poor choice. The journey was long and uncomfortable, there appeared to be two temperature settings freezing Antarctic […]

Slide Away

We take a short and comfortable bus ride from Paracas to Ica, the city sign is not as impressive as some of the others we have seen… From Ica we take a cab on to Huacachina (pronounced wack-a-cheena). The cab driver spoke really good English and was keen to show us his currency from around […]

Beach Please!

As our next stop, Montañita, is only 10 minutes up the road we decide to live it up and get a cab rather than wait for a bus. The drive is quick and comfortable but it is most upsetting to see so many hammock shops line our route. Maybe we should have a hammock each?! […]

Devil’s Nose Train

After the high energy of Baños, we’re looking forward to a relaxed day in Alausí riding the La Nariz del Diablo, the Devil’s Nose Train. We take the bus from Baños to Riobamba and have to change to a bus for Alausí. We wander the terminal and find that the desk for Alausí is shut. […]